5 Main Things My Social Anxiety is Not

Social anxiety is a feeling of extreme nervousness or fear that people experience in social situations. It’s like having butterflies in your stomach, but on a much stronger level. People with social anxiety might worry a lot about what others think of them, fear being judged, or feel very self-conscious in social gatherings. These feelings can make it difficult for them to interact with others and participate in social activities. It’s important to remember that social anxiety is a real and common condition, and with understanding and support, individuals can learn to manage it and feel more comfortable in social settings.

Due to a wide range of symptoms and triggers, there’s are some misconceptions when I try to tell people about social anxiety.

My social anxiety is not…

1. “Just stress” – There’s a such thing as normal stress and chronic stress but having anxiety in general doesn’t mean it’s just stress.

2. “Being shy” I used to get this often but being shy means that you might feel timid about socializing with others. However, this goes beyond feeling timid.

3 “Feeling tired” Anxiety doesn’t make me tired. My depression sometimes do but I also have chronic fatigue as well. Even though social anxiety can be exhausting and wipes me out after a social setting like an anime convention. However, a lot of people incorrectly believe social anxiety is just being tired and not having the energy to interact with others.

4 Being “rude” or “stuck up”. This is the biggest misconception for me. I avoid making eye contact or have my phone in my hand. I don’t mean to be rude but I find social interactions overwhelming most times.

5. The same thing as “being an introvert”. I’m indeed an introvert. However, I’m observant and I talk a lot. Unlike being an introvert, my anxiety triggers in larger groups and when there’s too much talking.

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