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I’m mostly known for creating strategic brand & design, but I’m also know as a cosplayer, avid content creator, and all things tech. Most weekends, you can find me at anime conventions and being an advocate for fibromyalgia and mental health, especially after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression.

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    Each art print is hand drawn in archival ink on Bristol fine art paper, scaled and cut to the appropriate size, and printed from my very own space.

    The bigger Art prints, Racism Is Wrong, Anxiety, Damage|Repair & Stress are part of a 4 part series using only found objects and materials to create a statement and/or emotional feeling. These took several hours, printed and re-printed to create the final art piece that is 16×20. These can be replicated.

    Lastly, I also have a few stickers if you are looking for inexpensive. Each sticker either either hand drawn or created digitally to create the overall piece.

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    Here are my most popular that my audience likes 👇🏽

    The Invisible Worries of A Black Woman by Mellyssa Diggs. 5x7 using archival ink.
    The Invisible Worries of A Black Woman

    5” x 7”
    Archival Ink
    21.5 mil/290 gsm Moab Rag Natural

    The stigma of mental health is still an issue especially for black women (and men). We are told to swallow or pride and simply obey and submit while losing a piece of ourself in the process. Society deems us to be flawless all the time physically and mentally while we suffer with our anxiety, depression, fears, chronic pain, etc.

    Racism Is Wrong art print by Mellyssa Diggs. 16x20 using found objects.
    Racism Is Wrong

    A piece from the series called “Black” done using found materials to create artwork in typography.

    Size: 16×20

    Racism is still an issue in America. Systemic racism is the biggest issue. Systemic racism puts people of color at a disadvantage in many domains by affecting their health, neighborhoods, schools, jobs, and basic living. It’s so embedded that it’s natural and it should not be. Racism of all forms is wrong and should be 100% dismantled giving it the hugest priority to addressing all racial inequalities.

    Cybernetic Black: The Cultural Phenomenon of Blackness by Mellyssa Diggs. Hand drawn on fine art Bristol Paper, 3x3, durable sticker.
    Cybernetic Black: The Cultural Phenomenon of Blackness

    As a Black woman, I explore and question the definition of blackness and the social constructs of race. This piece is about the black woman and the validity of social constructs. Black women are pulled in both directions to conform to the ideal beauty standards, body type, hair type/texture and assimilate to the dominant culture, which is what we as humans are programmed to do. Slavery never really went away, it is just outsourced. With this, I can deliver a general visual imagery of blackness.

    Medium: 2B Graphite 0.5mm + Sakura Micron 0.1 & Brush ink. Finished illustration in Adobe Illustrator

    Original Art: 6” x 9” Fine Art Bristol Paper, 236gsm

    3” x 3”
    Think & durable
    Matte finish
    Scratch & water resistant

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  • What I really think about as a creative business owner / content creator

    Here’s what I image. I signed a big client; my dream client. Ka-Ching ! I’m thinking, “it finally happened”.

    The next day, I begin to feel doubt. That imposter syndrome kicks in and I thinking thoughts like…

    “I’ll never meet their expectations”

    “What if they hate my work”

    Let me stop myself right there. I would pause and gather myself before beginning anything else. Let’s talk about the word “expectations”. As designers and creatives, we sometimes think others have the same expectations as we do. That the elements of a brand should look a specific way or like a certain example. That doesn’t mean the client has those same expectations and most likely we’ll have much higher expectations than they do. So if you can relate, do what I do:

    As you client, what their success would look on the project. Just straight out ask them because you’ll probably be surprise of their answer. Besides, you’ll know who’s to meet their expectations more confidently.

    Next, make sure the client actually has seem your work. This is because they will know your style and how your work is in the past.

    The biggest thing to meeting your client’s expectations is…COMMUNICATION. Update them on the process and what you are doing next. Make them feel looked after and reassured. This will make you feel so much more confident about your client’s expectations.

  • Artwork + An Art Show

    Buy your tickets on Eventbrite

    A Woman’s Growth

    Black women in America face several hurdles to success

    Black progress over the past half-century has been impressive, conventional wisdom to the contrary notwithstanding. One thing that still stands is a woman’s growth — our body’s, our personalities, and our NATURAL HAIR. Whether we want to wear our hair in an Afro, twists, weave, locs, and braids, it’s all about our identity. We are used to trying to blend in our blackness but it’s our choice to what we deem what’s “acceptable” or “professional”. We are expressing our authentic self.

    Drawn on:

    • Fine art Bristol paper
    • Archival Ink
    • Original size of 8 x 10

    Each print will be hand signed and numbered + some free goodies too.

  • My Full Story; Unapologetically

    It’s not about want pity or being brave. It’s about being real. For a while I aimed to somehow end the stigmatized thoughts on mental illness.

    The subject on Mental illness and those who deal with it are part of of a group that is shunned, judged and misunderstood by most. Suicide and chronic pain (like fibromyalgia) are the most judged and misunderstood. those who deal with mental illness need to feel safe and be able to get help without fear.

    I suffer from mental illness and all of its ugly and sometimes painful effects including chronic fatigue syndrome and Raynaud’s Syndrome. I am still learning about how my body reacts to certain things but I hope more people are less scared to tell their story without fear or judgement. This has never been my way to gain sympathy or be “over dramatic” like someone once said to me. I just want people to understand that these things do happen no matter how young or old you are.

    I do suffer from major depression disorder, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. These are not stemmed from any situational circumstances and I do have suicidal tendencies. I won’t say that some life changing situations didn’t affect me or my depression, but for the most part it’s biological.

    As it stands now in society, mental illness is considered a label; a way someone may judge you. Many don’t know how to deal with a depressed person. So it’s easier to pretend it doesn’t exists, title them as crazy, or say things to minimize it. For example, maybe you’re in pain because you workout too much and was told I’m too young to be depressed.

    I believe I have dealt with anxiety, depression and constant joint pain during childhood but thought it was normal. I never understand why I was so different. I thought I was just a shy kid or thought it was normal to have so much tension in the body or that I cried a lot to myself when nothing was wrong. It took me until my late 20’s to begin to understand it.

    From the exterior, I have always been looked at as an introvert but always laughing and physically strong and healthy. It’s usually a facade. Even though my mental health is not my personality, I still appeared that everything was good.

    My first attempt was cutting myself at the age of 17. I don’t remember what lead me to it but the only other reason other became aware was the healing scars I had on my arms (along with an allergic reaction to insect bits). It took a long time to heal due to the sensitivity of my skin. However, I always felt no one liked me or wanted to be a friend of mine. As a black woman, I had to cope with all the mental pain by myself. I didn’t cry everyday but at least once or twice a week alone in my room or the bathroom. I hated when people saw tears in my ears. I have 2 more “cutting” attempts in my early 20’s. Being in 20’s and a black woman, I felt like I was disqualified from having mental problems. Thankfully, I was always too fearful of completing the attempt.

    Then the joint pain and tension got more constant. One morning I woke up in my dorm room in college and I could barely get out of bed. I was in so much lower back pain that I roll out of bed. I couldn’t stand up straight. I was in so much pain that was in tears. Even though it cleared after 3 days, my body hasn’t been the same. In 2010, I got sick with mononucleosis. It felt like my body shut down for a week. I felt like I was dying.

    Fast forward to 2017 when I finally had an official diagnosis and I was 27. I was diagnosed with major depression disorder, anxiety disorder and fibromyalgia where I take a 60mg antidepressant that focuses on pain management and the symptoms.

    I believe suicidal thoughts and suicidal actions are completely different things. Thoughts are thoughts but actions can be a matter of life or death. This is why it’s so important to open up the discussion about mental health, invisible illnesses, and suicide. Statistics show that many completed suicides are not initial attempts. Those that need help are not just those who have suicide thoughts but those who already tried to take their own life. I know first hand because I felt like a burden and that I didn’t deserve to receive any help. I wanted everyone to think I’m okay and a normal woman.

    Many do not understand that it’s an ongoing illness that doesn’t disappear. The most important thing a person can do is really listen and not judge.

  • ,

    The Courage of Being A Woman

    We often feel the need to be perfect. We are thought to obey, sit down and apologize. We are taught to doubt ourselves. We aren’t taught to to speak for ourselves and be confident in our voice. as a result, we don’t really live the life we want to live.

    In reality, we fail at having courage to live like it’s some special thing for special people. Unfortunately, failure is inevitable. It’s something we all experience. As an introvert, I do things that scare me. As a woman with anxiety, I do things that are scary but failure is something you just can’t avoid. So I say, be open to new experiences as women.

  • Anxiety Habits

    Little do a lot of people know, that I have many anxiety habits. Sometimes it mixes with depression. It can be debilitating at times. These things just happen often.

    1. I touch my face and hair a lot searching for imperfections.

    2. I am very apologetic even if I didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t control it because I always feel like an inconvenience.

    3. I get annoyed very easily, but I handle it different than others. Sometimes I go in to a silent rage, sometimes I cry to myself, and sometimes I can even get numb.

    4. I sometimes forget. My mind will go blank, but come back to me at random moments. I’m not forgetful, just overthinking too much.

    5. I worry about every little thing. My dad noticed this when I was younger. I really can’t help it.

    6. I get restless a lot. My legs always seem like they need to move even when I’m trying to rest.

    7. I am talkative when I get manic. I’m relatively a quiet person but when my anxiety kicks in I talk because I hate the backward silence.

    8. I’m embarrassed to laugh in public because it’s awkward. I’m told I laugh too loud and I get super embarrassed.

    9. I always have headphones in my ears. Even though I love music, it is also because it helps with social anxiety. It’s easier to block out the noise around me. I get super annoyed when someone tries to speak to me when I have headphones on. I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t really want to talk about it especially when I’m in transit.

    Is there something you experience that you like to add? Let me know in the comments.

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  • My excruciating battle with Anxiety & Depression

    As someone living with mental illness, I’ve often been encouraged to “express myself” as a means of lightening emotional tension. And trust me, I’ve given the arts the good ‘ol college try. Drawing, painting, coloring. Writing, dancing, singing. The problem I face with self-expression is a belief — a false one at that, I’m a work in progress — that what I have to say matters less than what anyone else has to say.

    I was bullied all the time as a kid. Not the “stuff-in-your-locker” kind — verbal & excessive teasing. I didn’t fit in & I was quiet. Even though I got upset and fed up, I got over it and always showed up to school the next day. Actually, never missed a day a school — maybe once.

    The excuses my teachers and principal had made me not believe in them. At one point, my dad had to come up to my school just to make the principal do something about a student breaking my glasses. I had teachers say that I’m a bright student but was too quiet in class. I even had someone tell me that can’t be black. I have to be mixed because I “talked white”.

    In high school, I learned 2 things. That being quiet was a form of me being an introvert. Plus, any nervousness or light pain was from anxiety. However, I felt like I was by myself so I kept it that way.

    Now as an adult, I’m looked at as a person who talk to much. When was the last time I had a “friend” really support me. I still don’t have a support system when it comes to my anxiety, depression and chronic pain. I still do everything like everyone else and more.

    I am always told to shut up like I don’t deserve to be heard. I feel as though I need to have it all together every minute of the day. Anyone who experiences anxiety knows how difficult it is to get rid of the overthinking, over-analyzing, over-worrying feeling. “Calm down,” “don’t worry,” or “don’t think about it” feel like empty phrases; they can’t get someone with anxiety to really calm down, stop worrying, or just chill. This might sound irrational to a lot of people — worrying while knowing there’s nothing to worry about — but that’s the way anxious brains function.

    Oftentimes, my worries take the form of “what if?”
    • What if they don’t like me?
    • What if I put myself out there and they reject me?
    • What if he/she doesn’t forgive me?
    • What if I fail at this and have to start over again?
    • What if this doesn’t work out for me?
    • What if I take my shot and miss?
    What if, what if, what if?

    I currently have my coping mechanism. Bathrooms breaks are one of them. Yes, it sounds strange but I’m talking about the private stalls. This is the only place cameras are not aloud. This allows me to think and clear my head. Tell me what you think?

  • What They Call Perfection, Is Really Not

    Drawn by Me

    They call it perfection
    Trying to strive and live up to others expectations.
    Magazines showing size 0.
    Thinking we’re bigger than we really are.
    Why is body image so important?
    It makes a person feel small.
    Thin figures and thigh gaps.
    That’s perfection?
    It is like taking a pair of scissors to invisible fat.
    Shaving away the imperfections.
    Cannot look in the mirror without changing.
    Changing the hair and face multiple times to find perfection.
    Picking out problem areas.
    Cutting them from the body.
    Perfection is nonexistent.
    From the hip bones, to the collarbone.
    Nothing is perfect.
    The magazines are photoshopped and airbrushed.
    That is what society looks up to.

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