Harajuku Meet-Up #37

It is 2019 and I am still the same person. However, before I begin creating new j-fashion ideas, here is the last fashion style from the Harajuku meet-up on December 15, 2018. Courtesy of Garland Tennell Courtesy of thesteelshark I am inspired by cyber fashion, cyber pop, & cyber goth. In this society, it’s called […]

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Harajuku Day Meet Up #35

Saturday, September 20th was the Halloween edition of the Harajuku Day Meet Up. The style for that day was simile Halloween inspired. Gothic style harajuku was my main focus. Berry Below The Belt, & Moto Rush Mesh Top by Current Mood Vicious Mistress Cage Top & Deadly Dose Snakeskin Harness by Club Exx Trinity boots […]

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