Alternative Fashion | Black Woman Style

There are days I just want to put on some clothes and make myself feel good. Today was one of those days I just being true to myself. I coordinate meticulously and wearing alternative fashion was not a part of a rebellious or attention sealing phase. I have always identified with the freedom of dressing anyway you choose and I genuinely identify with various sub cultures. I enjoy picking out a whole aspect of my personality to display each day.

While most people save their creativity for the weekends or the days they are not working, I prefer to look in the mirror each day and see myself (depression, anxiety and all my flaws). I don’t really wear a lot of jewelry but I strive to survive in my own skin including what I wear. This is my idea of “normal” but it’s everyone else idea of “weird”. Even with my anxiety, I know people are taking about what I wear but I do my best to ignore such things especially when I am of color.

Today’s outfit is how I am feeling: Content and comfortable.

Harajuku Meet-Up #37

It is 2019 and I am still the same person. However, before I begin creating new j-fashion ideas, here is the last fashion style from the Harajuku meet-up on December 15, 2018.

Courtesy of Ivan Abuto
Courtesy of Ivan Abuto

Courtesy of Garland Tennell

Courtesy of thesteelshark

I am inspired by cyber fashion, cyber pop, & cyber goth. In this society, it’s called Rave fashion but I digress. If you look into today’s Japanese street fashion styles, there are patterns of plaid, silver, black, and even some neon colors.

Taste My Poison Hologram Shrug, TV Static Mock Neck Top which is underneath the Techno Goth Sheer Dress and Technosexxual Reflective Gloves

All by Club Exx Clothing purchased from Dolls Kill.

Flare pants are from Forever 21

Ultimate Artistry Pro Palette Make up by BH Cosmetics

Lip color by NYX Cosmetics

This year, there will be more Cyber fashion looks and more urban j-fashion styles.

Harajuku Day Meet Up #35

Saturday, September 20th was the Halloween edition of the Harajuku Day Meet Up. The style for that day was simile Halloween inspired. Gothic style harajuku was my main focus.

Berry Below The Belt, & Moto Rush Mesh Top by Current Mood

Vicious Mistress Cage Top & Deadly Dose Snakeskin Harness by Club Exx

Trinity boots by Demonia

All were purchased at Dolls Kill

Lace vail from Sprit Halloween

Skirt by Tripp

Skeleton hand gloves and tights from Hot Topic

Face mask from Amazon


Black jumping eye pencil and eye paint from Nyx Cosmetics