Living With Anxiety- Because It’s Not About Being Quiet

The alarm clock stating tomorrow, next day, after and later.

Anxiety is far more than just bent the “quiet one”, especially social anxiety. It’s about over-analyzing. It’s constantly analyzing your every word, every action and every movement. Believing that you are a collection of flaws and mistakes — and it’s this perception is all the world to see.

More than 40 million adults in the United States have an anxiety disorder.

– National Alliance on Mental Illness

For me, that’s me. However, I’m functional. This means I talk a lot rather than stay timid and quiet. It’s something no one understands about me. It’s about listening rather than speaking but given the opportunity, I’ll talk — that is, if I trust you to do so. That’s how I feel I’m able to take control of situations. Yet, I’m convinced everyone is talking about me behind my back because of it.

I tend to strive for perfectionism to a fault, an overthinker and often need reassurance. This is perceived by others as being “cute” or just part of my personality. In reality, these attributes are driven by underlying anxiety.

Anxiety is more than just being the “quiet” one. It’s learning to combat the most truths of your mind while still being functional.

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