The Problem With Anxiety Fatigue

No matter how much sleep your get, you’ll still feel exhausted. Anxiety loves to fixate on the fatigue that’s constant when you suffer from anxiety. It’s something I go through day in and day out but I’m always going to appear fine.

The brain tells you that this fatigue is not normal & tells you that something is wrong. It’s very hard to express or describe the level of extreme exhaustion I feel. My body feels heavy or that I’m moving slowly. It feel impossible to be productive when I have no energy. It’s hard to control my emotions when I’m physically & mentally exhausted all the time.

It’s terrible to feel exhausted 24/7 buts it’s a reality when the body is always on the verge of fight or flight. The worst part is that all these things occur very quickly without us consciously deciding to make them happen.

Our brain is a muscle & muscles get tired. So when we are overthinking everything, mentally running through things over and over again, and worrying about different scenarios, we are putting our brain through it. By the end of the day, we’re stressed & overloaded!

It’s mentally exhausting. It’s so mentally exhausting! It’s draining!

I’ve come to terms with the fatigue but what’s the biggest problem is the stigma. I’m told time and time again that I shouldn’t be so tired because I’m a little younger. I get others saying they’re tired too but still do not get it. Being exhausted & fatigue is not the same as being just tired. I think that because so many of us are struggling with this and because it is so normal, everybody has something to say. If we could just get to the point where we could be talking about the stuff more openly, we’d feel a lot less alone.

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