My Step by Step Branding Design + Web Design Process

What started back in 2012 as the title of my senior capstone in college. Ai-Konic Graphics was a title to make a name for myself that turned to an actual business to help ambitious solo & entrepreneurs expand and stand out from everyone else in corporate society. That mission has grown to help your entire business stand apart from the competition, bring in top-quality customers, and help your business be more than just a pretty logo. I’ve learned that the client experience & process is important as the final result itself.


1. Booking

My creative + strategic mind is immersed in your business, so you get a design that feels personal, works for your goals, and prioritizes you. That’s why booking a spot is so important.

2. Chat + Prep Process

The initial consultation and the prep process is very important because we want to establish trust with each other. This also allow me to give you the best service with an exceptional process.

3. Decisions, Decisions = Impactful Results

You’ll have time to give feedback and reviews on the design concepts. This evokes quick decision-making for a more impactful and “Ai-Konic” results for your brand.

During this time, you will receive a beautifully designed Squarespace website that is made especially for your aesthetic, goals, vision, and client conversion. You’ll also receive a full brand identity with a beautiful logo design with variations, color palette, and typography suite. You even have the freedom to choose different add-on services including print design and collateral.

Every brand identity and website design project includes the following staple services + deliverables:

• Project Kick-off
• Brand Carry-All + Guided Prep Work
• Dedicated One-on-One Design Time
• Custom Brand Identity + Logo Design
• Curated Color Palette + Typography Selection
• Custom Squarespace Website Design + Development
• Mobile User-friendly design
• Streamlined + Efficient 6-8 week Process
• Basic SEO Setup + Google Analytics Integration
• Personalized Website Tutorial
• Launch Packet with Brand Identity Guide + Website Guide


The Inquiry

Once someone expressed interest in my services via my contact form, they are invited to schedule a session with me. This could be a call or e-mail, whatever the client prefers. During this, we go over your business & answer any questions you may have to see if we’re the right fit.

Afterwards, I send a detailed proposal showing the scope of the project + the start and end date. Once they submit the proposal, sign the agreement, and submit their 50% deposit their project is officially on the books. Then I’ll begin the onboarding process.


As soon as their project is booked I send a welcome email showing what to expect. Next, I get their project set up in Honeybook, my favorite project management system. Using Honeybook ensures everyone stays organized, on the same page, and always on schedule (even me). I outline their project dates in Honeybook from start to launch, including every milestone in between.

Guided Prep-Work

Part 1 includes sharing information about their business, services, positioning, ideal client, and more. Part 2 walks you through creating an inspiration board & I ask for your style preferences for both their brand and website.

Parts 3 and 4 ask for your finalized website copy & images. Lastly, Part 5 walks you through how to share access to the necessary accounts I need to complete your project. If applicable, you’ll also be asked to complete a project add-ons form that asks for the relevant information needed to fulfill any add-on services purchased during checkout.


When you start date approaches in my calendar, I begin reviewing the prep-work and begin brainstorming ideas.

Brand Identity

After reviewing your inspiration board & style preferences, I begin sketching ideas for your new logo design. Once I have a concept I’m ready to run with, I begin designing it in Adobe Illustrator. Then, I begin creating logo variations & brand marks. During this time, I also browse hundreds if not thousands of fonts to ensure we have the perfect fit. Lastly, I create a custom color palette with your desired style + vibe in mind.

Once the brand identity has been established, I begin sketching out the homepage design and once I’m happy with the rough wireframe I begin designing and adding the brand elements throughout the homepage design. I don’t design the entire website at once. When the design is nailed for the homepage, the rest falls seamlessly in place. This part of the project includes two full rounds of refinements where we perfect the brand identity and homepage before moving on to the rest of the website pages.

Design & Development

Now that I have the feedback from you on the homepage design. I can begin developing the rest of the pages for Squarespace. I begin creating cohesive designs for the rest of the pages included in the project scope. During this phase, I also work on any of the project add-on services the client purchased at checkout. After this, the full site will be ready for the clients feedback. This phase also includes two rounds of refinements to grant them ample space to provide their feedback and refinement requests before launching.

After 8-12 weeks after the start date, your brand and website is ready to launch to the world. I’ll follow a series of quality checks & a thorough testing process. You’ll receive the basics on how to use the site. You’ll also receive a brand identity guide, website guide, and access to all brand files.

If you’d like to chat about an elevated brand and fuss-free website for your business, I’d love to connect. Click here to book now.

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