Anxiety Is Nothing But Touble

284 million people experience anxiety in 2017, 63% of the people are female.
Anxiety Statistics

Anxiety isn’t about having trouble breathing or waking up at 3am in the middle of of the night. Anxiety erupts for no reasons. When I’m having anxiety symptoms, it’s about stressing over that may or may not be real or questioning my faith.

Changing of my moods in a matter of minutes and uncontrollable. My anxiety is me crying randomly — those real painful tears. When I get to work, I’m nauseous in the pit of my stomach hoping no one says anything to me. It’s that fear and concern, which is emotionally and physically draining. My anxiety breaks me at my slightest annoyance asking “what’s wrong” and “I don’t know”.

High functioning anxiety, which basically just means I’m good at fooling people into thinking I don’t have anxiety. There are days I feel inadequate, unworthy and super talkative buts it’s less about “getting it together” and more about showing up fully for myself – right now.

Mental Signs of Anxiety
Mental Signs of Anxiety
Physical Signs of Anxiety
Physical Signs of Anxiety

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