The Quiet One

There are so many reasons why a person is quiet. In a world of noise, being quiet is frown upon.

Photo take by Mellyssa A. Diggs at the Descanso Gardens in Los Angeles, CA.
Photo take by Mellyssa A. Diggs

Quiet people been invalidated so many times. They’re low on confidence. They aren’t feeling well or have a physical ailment that makes it hard to speak. They grew up in an environment where silence was self-preservation. They just don’t like the sound of their own voice. They genuinely prefer to be in a listener role. They just don’t always have anything to say at the moment. They — it actually doesn’t even matter what follows here.

Fact is, they’re all valid.

There is such a negative stigma about those who are quiet. People assume I’m quiet or shy because I disengage or not interested in them. However, I’m none of these. Truth is, I’m a listener so I am able to understand. I’m curious about people and need to observe them because I really don’t trust others. I appreciate and notice the smaller things and all the non obvious things. Don’t take it personally — I’m observant and introverted.

See someone that is quiet, don’t make that person feel bad or don’t get offended. That person is observant. Lastly, being quiet is not a bad thing.

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