What I really think about as a creative business owner / content creator

Here’s what I image. I signed a big client; my dream client. Ka-Ching ! I’m thinking, “it finally happened”.

The next day, I begin to feel doubt. That imposter syndrome kicks in and I thinking thoughts like…

“I’ll never meet their expectations”

“What if they hate my work”

Let me stop myself right there. I would pause and gather myself before beginning anything else. Let’s talk about the word “expectations”. As designers and creatives, we sometimes think others have the same expectations as we do. That the elements of a brand should look a specific way or like a certain example. That doesn’t mean the client has those same expectations and most likely we’ll have much higher expectations than they do. So if you can relate, do what I do:

As you client, what their success would look on the project. Just straight out ask them because you’ll probably be surprise of their answer. Besides, you’ll know who’s to meet their expectations more confidently.

Next, make sure the client actually has seem your work. This is because they will know your style and how your work is in the past.

The biggest thing to meeting your client’s expectations is…COMMUNICATION. Update them on the process and what you are doing next. Make them feel looked after and reassured. This will make you feel so much more confident about your client’s expectations.

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