Demisexual and Sapiosexual

It is LGBQT Pride month and most are beautiful group of people. For me, I see everyone as equal but not everyone is accepted. When you get older with age, you realize more things about who you are. My character has never changed. There are two things that many do not know about me. These […]

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The Uses of Lemon Water

There is always a new health trend every week or so about something being healthy or good for you. Sometimes it is bogus and sometimes it is true. Drinking lemon water is a true health benefit. Upon waking up, squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a glass, fill with warm water and drink. Drinking lemon water […]

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Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale

If you enjoy shopping at Victoria’s Secret, but find it pricy, this would be the time to go. When is the Semi-Annual Sale: There are 2 Semi-Annual Sales yearly. Typically, they will start in May (online) and June (in-store) or December/early January (online) and January (in-store). There are a few tips for shopping this sale […]

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