When It Feels like It’s Too Much

Days when it feels like it’s too much

Days I do t want to get out of bed

Put on clean clothes; breakfast

Some kind of self care

Rendering my state of fear

Generally state of hopelessness

So far deep inside

I’ll isolate

On those day

During those weeks

Enduring those months

Fighting tooth and nail to remain afloat

It’s sometimes painful to just exist

Torn between wanting it to stop

Or asking for a safe space

No judgement

No consequences

But here’s the thing about hope.

It can claw its way up our veins

Somehow gives up courage

To to do the hard stuff

Convincing us to stay

Relief following an emotional release

And not bury ourselves to how we’re feeling

Hope is unexpected

And we’re not to blame for needing it

Because it’s how we don’t feel alone

How I don’t feel alone.

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