Remove these 4 Words from Your Vocabulary

I’m sure you’ve heard that the words you speak have power! Power to transform your life, Power to help you reach your goals!

But just as words can create powerful movements in your life, they can also create limited experiences and cause you to have limited beliefs about what is possible for you.

Here are 4 words I recommend you remove from your vocabulary:

Can’t – When you say you can’t do something, you automatically limit what is possible for you.

Need – When you say “I need” you’re speaking from a place of lack instead of abundance. Instead of saying I need, say ” I want” or “I am”. For example: You may say, “I need to make more more money”. Instead say, “I am going to make more money!”

Hope – When you use the word “hope”, it subconsciously means that you don’t trust that whatever it is you are hoping for will happen. Instead of saying “I hope”, say ” I trust” instead. For example: I trust that the launch of my new product will be successful.

Try – When you use the word “try”, you are subconsciously speaking from a place of defeat. I’ve heard a saying out in public that “When you use the word “try”, you are leaving room for failure and failure is not an option”.

I do have a habit of saying “hope” and “try” a lot. I never understood why but the idea may be from not deserving of the good things I’ve earned.

You may already be doing these things, and if so great! The way life happens to all of us at times, we constantly need to be reminded to stay positive — even me.

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