Having A Sound Space (or workspace)

We can increase our mental creativity by having a workspace. The more creative to your needs, the better. It is possible to reduce stress by having the right elements for your work space. It is said that the more colorful, flexible, and innovative your workspace is less stress. For a while, my office space was non exsistant. I worked from my bed, the kitchen, the living room, Starbucks, computers rooms, trains, etc. I tend to work between 7am-9am being the calmest and less stressful. I seemed to have more creativity. I did not understand the value of have a work space until having a place of my own. I have more opportunities to rearrange, design, and make it my own instead of invading someone else’s space.

Office design and the environment impacts a Designers mood and well-being. It was noticed until others noticed negative impact on their mental and physical health and this affects a Designers productivity and their ability to produce designs to clients.

Personally, for my space, I have natural lighting with the blinds down, quiet, dim lights, and a humidifier. The natural lightin provides positive impact on creativity. Having a humidifier to elminite stress and provide clean air does the same affect with indoor plants. It makes people more realaxed, concentrated, productive, creative, and content.

As Designers, we know the importance of color in a design. this applies to your workspace as well.

  • Blue, green, and white impacts your motivation and yellow impacts productivity.
  • Green, yellow, and white impacts your inspiration and creativity.
  • Having earthy shades like brown or wooded textures creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • Red is very vibrant and distracts easily and you will lose concentration.

Using a combination of harmonic color will help your overall workspace.

Temperature is also a fracture. For me, it needs to be just right. It can not be dry. It surely can not be hot and not freeze cold. It needs to be comfortable and that’s when the humidifier comes in providing fresh air and a smell of essential oils. Equipment is another factor. You would want something more peaceful and calm. Now, I have a steady medicine ball, which keeps me alert and also working my body at the same time. However, for those all-day moments, you want a sturdy office chair. A gaming chair would work as well because it’s comfortable for those very long hours. You need something that will give you a good posture without feeling tired. Also, take breathes every 50 minutes or so. My advise is to choose wisely. However, everyone is different.

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