How are we free?

You are brainwashed to serve the ultra rich. We’re literally starving. Milk is high, water is high, eggs is high, rent is high, even our prescriptions and insulin is HIGH. We can’t afford healthcare, we can’t afford our education, we’re barely affording to live.

The country is becoming more and more —- ridiculous. It’s just so frustrating. we did everything they told us to do. I did everything I was told to do. Went to school, got educated, worked hard, we did everything we were told to do. Then when we’re actually out in the world, they want to charge us.

The average rent of a 1 bedroom apartment in 2023 costs more than someone earns on federal minimum wage and the units aren’t much. Then they’ll talk about “oh, the future is going to be great for you if you work hard”


We don’t even have savings because we are spending it on basic needs for living, like housing and groceries.

What scares me the most is that more and more of us are becoming aware of how messed up everything is. Yet, people my age are affording rent, a baby, and a house.

People really sit there and say “just go to college and you can do so much”. We went to college. I went to college and now in debt. We have no money, working 2 jobs and the housing market sucks. They’re like “why don’t you go to trade school?” You told us to go to college!

There are so many people who literally do not have what they need to survive. When someone tells you “are you even trying” not knowing I’m mentally exhausted trying to love everyday.

Corporations have been under paying people for years. Profits are up, productivity is up, but wages are still the same!

Our money…

Our tax dollars…

Go to the welfare of other corporations. Not paying people what they should.

They are money hungry. The first thing on their mind is money! Everyone doesn’t think about $1 consistently. For real, I got to 24/7 and 10 streams of income. I got to learn how to do this and how to do that! Just to work for someone else who don’t even value us.

I can’t just have a job (that I went to school for), go home, enjoy the money I earned, and enjoy my time. There isn’t that much hustle in the world. We should be able to afford basic necessities with ONE stream of income.

In this country, we work in order to survive. We can’t work to enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, that’s the way the system is set up.

We wake up, check our feed, check our emails, go to work, get 100 things done, come home late, attempt to have energy for stuff, chores, hobbies, etc.

Fail miserably, feel awful and repeat.

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