Suicide Awareness Fundraiser

Suicide impacts every community on the planet. And yet, mental health care is not accessible or affordable for most people. That’s why I wanted to help by starting a fundraiser with TWLOHA that will offers scholarships year-round to get people access to therapy and mental health care. More than ever, people are asking for help which has created an urgent and growing waitlist.

I’m raising money to help provide 4,000+ hours of free therapy sessions for those who can’t afford professional mental health care. Your generosity means TWLOHA gets to say “yes” to more people waiting for scholarships to begin therapy. Funds will also help support TWLOHA’s FIND HELP Tool, which connects people to local mental health resources in every zip code in the US.

A gift of $25 connects 70 people to free and reduced-cost mental health resources in their local communities.

A gift of $75 sponsors one 60-minute counseling session, allowing someone to sit with a therapist for the first time and begin healing.

Giving is fast, easy, and secure. If you’d like to support us even further, share my fundraiser with your community!

Every gift, every story, every conversation helps people see the truth that: the world is not better without you.

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