I Actually Want to Change the Design and Creative Industry

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It took me a 4 year bachelor degree and 3 year master’s degree and thousands in student loans
to notice and realize this about the design industry

  • Unfortunately, racism has been an issue in the design industry, as it has been in many other industries.
  • People of color have historically been underrepresented in design field in all niches, which has contributed to a lack of diversity in the industry.
  • This lack of diversity can lead to design solutions that are not inclusive to all users and can perpetuate stereotypes and biases.

Additionally, there have also been instances of microaggressions, such as assumptions about a designer’s abilities or qualifications based on their race or ethnicity.

It is important to prioritize diversity
and inclusion in all aspects of the design process, from education to the hiring to the design itself.

That’s why I became a women-led logo and brand designer to change that industry stand, combat racism in the design industry, and help those solopreneur transform them into the sought-after brand in their industry.

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