Dear fake, subpar, branding expert wannabes

Those who actively target potential clients who know nothing about real branding besides having read a few case studies and articles and who, in the process of the work you deliver, give this precious craft a bad name with superficial work so you can make a buck and name for yourself.

A lot of people out there simply haven’t put in the time, effort, blood, sweat, or tears needed and don’t have the experience or drive for true craftsmanship and are ruining the reputation of our beloved craft.

Respectfully, please stop ruining it for those of us who live for this, who strive for greatness and exceptional client service and who are driven by the sweet challenge of truly elevating the brands of companies so that those we partner with can win. And win big with their stories and narratives.

I’m not hating on anyone.

I’m just tired of hearing it from a lot of branding professionals who are mostly saying the same thing. I’m just sharing what me and a lot of true branding craftsmen and women who have been in the game for generations are feeling these days. And who might be afraid to voice their concern publicly.

I may have social anxiety but I’ve never been afraid to say what I think.

What we do as designers….when it comes to building a brand from scatch or evolving one.

It takes time.
It takes passion.
It takes dedication.
It takes deep thought.
It takes love.
It takes listening.
It takes wrestling.
It takes creativity based on exceptional strategy
It takes well-thought-out arguments, not pretty bells and whistles with meaningless drivel and jargon.
It takes a heck of a lot of experience.
And it takes partnership.
And guts. Lots of guts.

So – learn the craft. Seek help from others and design friends. Challenge your clients in order to aim for THEIR greatness, not yours.

And clients looking for branding out there, don’t be fooled by pyrotechnics and sexy words with pretty pictures. Look for those you feel can really help you based on their experience, passion and verve. Listen to your instincts.

When it comes to your company, you deserve nothing less. And when it comes to your brand, dare I say it? It deserves even more.

The truth is the truth.

To all who might have taken offense.

I love what I do.


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