Self Care and Why It’s Important

During my childhood, I believed that self-care only involved basic activities such as eating three meals per day, taking a pre-bedtime bath, and getting eight hours of sleep every night. As a 10-year-old, this seemed like a daunting task, especially since I wanted to stay up late. However, as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to recognize that self-care is a far more intricate and nuanced concept. It encompasses a wide range of activities that vary depending on the person’s needs. Furthermore, self-care is not always aesthetically pleasing. Self-care for me and self-care for you may look different, and that’s OK.

I feel like my body is finally catching up as I discover my true self and what’s best for me. Was it enjoyable to realize that I lacked boundaries and needed to assert myself in my relationships? Or that seeking help could genuinely transform my life? Not really. However, it was incredibly crucial for me to make significant changes so that I could start living a fulfilling life instead of constantly being tossed around by the ups and downs of anxiety and depression.

Self-care can be challenging at times, requiring effort to adjust to, particularly if you’re in the early stages of understanding yourself on your self-care journey. Remember, you’re not alone! I acknowledge and support you. Together, we can navigate this!

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