Secrets to “Talkative” people with Social Anxiety

Picture of me.
Picture of me.

Rambling or excessive talking can show up with social anxiety. You fear saying the wrong thing or being judged by others, but you end up talking more than you intended in an effort to make up for your anxiety and help quiet the worries revolving around what others think of you.

I was always a shy and sensitive kid, but I didn’t even know what social anxiety disorder was until I got older. When I did try to tell people, I felt they didn’t understand me or what I was going through. I was told things like “harden up” and “who cares what others think?”

I’ve be told many times that I talk too much but I talk a lot because I’m so nervous. I’m nervous of how people will respond to me or what they may do.

If I stop many would “loose interest” in what I need to say or ignore me. Have you felt the same way?

For me, I overanalyzing every single conversation I have, every single word spoken to me or about me. It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes.

I’m really not trying to be annoying but I do love when I can finally talk to someone and not be terrified. I enjoy good conversation.

Social anxiety is not a sign of weakness, moreover it is a heightened sense of awareness of your own thoughts and behaviors in social settings. It took me until my 30’s to begin to learn this and to start accepting myself for who I am.

This may require consistent effort but I know that you’ll make it through.

Check out this website on Social Anxiety, there’s even a clinic to get help for your Social Anxiety. Click Here to check it out.

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