The Angers of Anxiety

I am not a mistake

Sadness is an emotion that everyone experiences but it sometimes be lingering. You end up pulling back from the things you normally do and sometimes impact your daily life. That’s one part of my mental struggle. They other is Anxiety.

We all experience anxiety, but it can show up in many different ways. One common way is anger. We feel provoked, we see an injustice, or sometimes we have just had enough. Anger is simply the discharge of immediate discomfort and stress. I will take it out on myself because I never wanted to take it out on anyone else.

No one really talks about the anger and irritability of anxiety. It’s very common.

Anxiety and worry can take up a large portion of the head space and this called “overthinking”. I’m always preparing for the worse case scenario and constant list-making. It’s brutally exhausting and manifests itself on the outside as me being pissed off.

Just like you shouldn’t skip stretching before a big run, getting some mindset work in should be a non-negotiable in your entrepreneurial agenda.

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