Thirty-Three Things I Learned Through 33 Years of Existing

Number 33 on the pavement.

Before 13 years old:

  • Allergic to harsh chemical so I can’t buy dollar store soaps or products to save money.
  • My hair texture is too thin to have a perm or relaxer or harsh styling. My hair will break off.
  • Mother’s can be deadbeat parents just like the stigma of black fathers.
  • I always found Art fascinating.
  • I was distant from kids because I didn’t trust no one not because I was shy.
  • I actually experienced discrimination because I wasn’t black enough and light skinned.
  • I super modest about myself.
  • I had to learn about my own history on my own because schools force you to learn about “American” History.
  • I learned more by reading books than going to school.

As a teenager:

  • How my body is supposed to move instead of how society says it should.
  • Just because it’s clean or organic I doesn’t mean it is good for you.
  • Read the ingredients on labels on everything.
  • Most things are not made for the melanin skin.
  • Music & Art saved me from committing suicide a few times.
  • Just because I have suicidal ideation a doesn’t mean I’m suicidal.
  • Just because it says it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s good for your particular body type.

In my 20’s:

  • Is the blessed one to have my father in my life (still do)
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is a myth. You are supposed to drink your body weight in ounce because our bodies are made up of 73-75% water.
  • Never had a job in my field of study even with a bachelors and masters.
  • Black people are there to fill a spot in jobs. Jobs usually have space for many 2-4%.
  • When they say “your overqualified for the position”, that’s means they don’t want to pay what your worth.
  • We’re not meant to work 9 to 5 until we die!
  • I was never shy as a kid, I was an introvert with social anxiety
  • I have a fear of driving.
  • I can’t digest Taurine (ingredient in Redbull and most energy drinks)
  • I can digest legumes (that’s usually beans).
  • When it comes to food, I learned to listen to how my stomach & digestive tract reacts rather than restricting myself.
  • I learned my blood type finally, which is AB- and found out it’s the rarest of all the blood types, with just 1% of the population having it.

Beginning of my 30’s:

  • People can be nice but not many are kind
  • I can still live a decent life with fibromyalgia & depression
  • You can cosplay over the age of 30+
  • I don’t trust a lot of people
  • This country is not geared for black people to succeed.

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