Ultimate Bundles Flash Sale

If you checked my social media, you would notice me promoting the Ultimate Bundles flash sale.

If not, here it is!

I’m always looking for proven systems and proven strategies. There’s always something for me to learn. I don’t want the trial & error strategy. Or spaghetti on the wall system…hoping it sticks and works this time especially when it comes to the legal side of my business.

Does reading privacy policies and other blogging legal documents just make your eyes gloss over?

I know that feeling!

I mean, I’m a blogger, not a lawyer! I don’t know the first thing about contracts, or privacy protection, or terms of service. I just want to write and publish my content, sell my products, and collaborate with other bloggers. I know you do too. For a long time, I thought I could just ignore the legal side of things and it would all work out, right?

Well…think again.

I have seen a lot of bloggers, artists and business owners get into deep water over a relatively minor thing on their site, which startled me. I realized that if my blog was making a full-time income for myself and my family, I’d better make sure I was as legally protected as possible.

That’s why I’m so excited about an eBook called 23 Legal Mistakes to Avoid as Bloggers & Entrepreneurs by Amira Irfan, Esq. (value $47)

This eBook is the perfect guide for overwhelmed bloggers like us. You’ll learn everything from the essential website legal pages, to setting up contracts correctly, to protecting your brand online. You’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing that your business is legally protected!

But that’s not all…

Chelsea Clarke’s Buying Niche Sites to Earn Faster eCourse (value $997) is also included. You know what that means? You can stop wasting your time attempting to build blogs, audiences, and products from scratch and start making actual moves ahead by buying sites that are already established, which you can scale faster!

This Toolkit is FULL of gems like this…to help you learn, earn, and grow, in a faster and easier way than ever, before.

Chelsea’s eCourse and Amira’s eBook together would sell for $1,044 if you bought them outside the bundle, but you can get them both for $97.

Here’s how to do it:

They are part of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, a collection of 62 eCourses, eBooks, printables, workbooks, and more that comes around just once a year and is back for a short flash sale!

Now, I get that it’s a HUGE number of resources, but let me ask you this? If you implemented one strategy from Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and it made you $97, would it be worth your investment? I’d say yes, because there are hundreds of other strategies you can also put into practice.

And the best part is this collection is yours to keep. It isn’t going anywhere.

So whenever you decide to focus on a new area (monetization, affiliate marketing, design & branding, podcasting, SEO, and more!), you’ve got resources ready and waiting.

Everything in the bundle can be yours, but only if you buy it before the flash sale ends on Thursday at midnight!

Sound good? Click here to get everything you need to build a more successful blog: ULTIMATE BUNDLES TOOLKIT

But don’t wait too long, I’d hate for you to miss it. 🙂

I am serious about wanting to help you. If this is a good fit for you … your blog … your online business, I want to help you choose the best trainings for you.
If it’s not a good fit for you at this time, no worries. I certainly don’t want to encourage you to buy a bundle of resources that won’t help you.

Click this link and buy Genius Bloggers Toolkit

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