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Click to subscribe to the A-List newsletter .
Click to subscribe to the A-List newsletter

For those who who didn’t know, I have a weekly newsletter I send out called the A-List (it’s short for The Ai-Konic List) – for my business Ai-Konic Graphics.

The A-List is a weekly digital newsletter & invitation for inspiration, to learn something new about being an entrepreneur, branding, self-care/mental health & free resources that can help you as a business owner & just living life. All this is delivered straight to your inbox every Tuesday.

Maybe something will resonate and maybe something will not but it’s something I know the most about that I want to share with those who subscribe.

So what do you get if you subscribe?

Not only will you get a 10% discount of your entire order in my art shop but also get the Build Your Brand workbook freebie.

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