Signs You’re Not “Just Tired”, You Have Chronic Fatigue

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Chronic fatigue is something that is hard to explain & can be a symptom of a wide-variety chronic illnesses. Chronic fatigue can involve getting sleepy but the exhaustion is much more debilitating than the tiredness a healthy person may feel after not sleeping enough.

Chronic fatigue can also heighten other symptoms, such as pain, muscle tremors, sensitivity & brain fog. honestly, it makes it difficult sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t end. You go to bed tired and wake up tired. Sometimes the body feels like you ran a marathon when if reality you only just woke up.

When I’m tired, I can function and get me through the day but when I’m fatigued it wipes me out completely. Also, I would rather be hungry at times than use the energy to cook or clean. Sometimes, the muscles begins to twitch because I want to move and being an active person my legs will move while laying in bed trying to recover.

Sleep doesn’t refresh you but I still make sure I go to bed at a reasonable time frame. However, even the little things cause a fight-or-flight response. These things can’t really be explained unless you are going through it. No matter what health condition you love with, it manifest different in each person.

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