There’s No Such Thing As “AI Art”?

AI-Created Comic Has Been Deemed Ineligible for Copyright Protection,
Heading to article from on AI-Created Comic Has Been Deemed Ineligible for Copyright Protection

The United States Copyright Office (USCO) reversed an earlier decision to grant a copyright to a comic book that was created using “A.I. art,” and announced that the copyright protection on the comic book will be revoked, stating that “copyrighted works must be created by humans to gain official copyright protection”.

This is a good time to address all the AI Art craze for the last 2 months or so. Using it doesn’t make you an artist. We’re going to get this straight right now. To be honest, there is no such thing as an AI Artist. If you weren’t an illustrator or at least a photo editor before than stop calling yourself an “artist” for using AI. You are not! Period. End of discussion.

Like Canva, you can’t copyright AI Art let alone a comic that uses AI Art. It is wrong to use art of someone else without permission. Now, the ability to ask a program to create someone for you is interesting but was definitely approached terribly wrong where the database they are using are based on artists work without permission & compensation. They did not bother to reach out to any of the artists and “took what they wanted”.

We do live in a would of capitalism and thieves on top of it. we really need to support real artists

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