“Apologies! Just Seeing This Message Now…”

I say “sorry” like I drink water or breathe air. I apologize for speaking up. Trust me, I am always been told to stop, even as a child — and even now, I’m unable to stop especially when I genuinely am.

Forgive me, but it’s not the same as taking someone else’s apology because it’s always followed by deception & a lie. However, I apologize for things that are beyond my control as well. Annoying —yes, but I personally rather be that way that being incapable of saying “sorry” at all.

Language matters. The way you speak to someone always matter but there are times I may not even get your message — text message, phone calls & the other. If you want a better explanation, you can’t get one. Like with most things surrounding depression, it’s not logical. I know it’s not logical and I accept that. For me, it’s depression & anxiety. Possible a little less confidence too when speaking or trying to get a thought out.

We also create an interior landscape marked by feelings of not being worthy to have our beliefs, requests, and general statements stand on their own merit.

I’ll be the friend that I know you deserve, not this anxious, reclusive, aggravated mess you have to deal with now.

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