Once upon a time I was an overwhelmed creative entrepreneur like you

My computer went with me everywhere. I checked emails a million times a day. I was doing ALL THE THINGS.

And it wasn’t working.

This may sound familiar but I started to do less & focus on my mission. I released being a creative entrepreneur & an introvert is not a bad thing. It’s about the mindset.

I help creative entrepreneurs (like you!) build profitable and sustainable businesses by cutting the clutter and focusing on what moves the needle in their business with strategic brand design & strategy. No more, “I need a logo ASAP” type of people & no more “you charge to much” type of people. I believe that your business should work for you, creating more freedom in your life with beautiful visuals created with strategy.

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And for the next week for the new year, I’ll be releasing a new freebie delivered to all my subscribers titled the Build Your Brand Workbook – Brand Identity Foundations to plan out your brand piece by piece.

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Keep it simple!​

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