What does shopping small mean to you?

Picture this…

You walk into your local coffee shop on a Saturday morning. The store is warm, cozy, and buzzing with energy. (There’s a place like this in Riverside, CA). The smell of light roasted coffee or fresh bread behind the counter. Music is playing in the background.

As you walk to the register, the owner recognizes you or if they don’t, they ask you how you’re doing.

☕️ Coffee in hand and a little something sweet in the other, you walk down the street. Maybe you pop into a boutique (I tend to just to look at things beautifully set up), try on new pieces from a local, hand-made artist. Maybe you browse a bookstore have has a book you remember reading a long time ago.

Your local small business make daily experiences like these as special as possible. Plus, they create jobs, give back and create a sense of community. That’s why I want to thank you for shopping small on this small business Saturday or any other day.

That local business owner who has meaningful artwork on their walls are from artists that are reaching their goals for the year.

Or the business next door who elevated their brand overall with a beautiful looking store, beautiful logo and website to bring in more customers.

It makes us proud to help individuals become the best versions of themselves. And all of that is possible because you support us, recommend us, and help us grow our mission with every purchase.

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