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My biggest sale is in going on. Custom art work created & printed by me is available for purchase on my website.

Currently you can use code “countdown20” for 20% of your order.

Each art print is hand drawn in archival ink on Bristol fine art paper, scaled and cut to the appropriate size, and printed from my very own space.

The bigger Art prints, Racism Is Wrong, Anxiety, Damage|Repair & Stress are part of a 4 part series using only found objects and materials to create a statement and/or emotional feeling. These took several hours, printed and re-printed to create the final art piece that is 16×20. These can be replicated.

Lastly, I also have a few stickers if you are looking for inexpensive. Each sticker either either hand drawn or created digitally to create the overall piece.

The 20% discount will last until November 20th at 11:59 pm. Then it drops down to 15% off, which ends November 24th at 11:59 pm. Catch this sale while you can on my website here.

Here are my most popular that my audience likes 👇🏽

The Invisible Worries of A Black Woman by Mellyssa Diggs. 5x7 using archival ink.
The Invisible Worries of A Black Woman

5” x 7”
Archival Ink
21.5 mil/290 gsm Moab Rag Natural

The stigma of mental health is still an issue especially for black women (and men). We are told to swallow or pride and simply obey and submit while losing a piece of ourself in the process. Society deems us to be flawless all the time physically and mentally while we suffer with our anxiety, depression, fears, chronic pain, etc.

Racism Is Wrong art print by Mellyssa Diggs. 16x20 using found objects.
Racism Is Wrong

A piece from the series called “Black” done using found materials to create artwork in typography.

Size: 16×20

Racism is still an issue in America. Systemic racism is the biggest issue. Systemic racism puts people of color at a disadvantage in many domains by affecting their health, neighborhoods, schools, jobs, and basic living. It’s so embedded that it’s natural and it should not be. Racism of all forms is wrong and should be 100% dismantled giving it the hugest priority to addressing all racial inequalities.

Cybernetic Black: The Cultural Phenomenon of Blackness by Mellyssa Diggs. Hand drawn on fine art Bristol Paper, 3x3, durable sticker.
Cybernetic Black: The Cultural Phenomenon of Blackness

As a Black woman, I explore and question the definition of blackness and the social constructs of race. This piece is about the black woman and the validity of social constructs. Black women are pulled in both directions to conform to the ideal beauty standards, body type, hair type/texture and assimilate to the dominant culture, which is what we as humans are programmed to do. Slavery never really went away, it is just outsourced. With this, I can deliver a general visual imagery of blackness.

Medium: 2B Graphite 0.5mm + Sakura Micron 0.1 & Brush ink. Finished illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Original Art: 6” x 9” Fine Art Bristol Paper, 236gsm

3” x 3”
Think & durable
Matte finish
Scratch & water resistant

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