Don’t Hold Back from Your Dream of Starting a Business

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If you have an idea for a business, do it. Never hold yourself back from trying. There’s one thing I do live by is to never have regrets from not doing something I wanted to at least try. Don’t worry about what other people will say? Block out that negative noise and focus on your vision. It’s tempting to water down your dreams to start a business. Did at first. I stayed true to myself because I knew as a brown-skinned woman that I wasn’t going to be hired by someone in the industry especially since they don’t look like me. So if you want to start that business — start it. Don’t hold yourself back from your dream.

I help creative entrepreneurs & solopreneurs build a strategic brand that not only looks exceptional but is designed with intention. Sounds like something for you? If yes, here are a few ways we can work together.

Designer Day Service – Need something stat? Book my day/week and it will be centered around you and your design needs.
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Custom Brand Design + Strategy – Want branding and website design that’s as unique as you? Honor your one-of-a-kind business with a custom brand design with strategy and a Squarespace website that reflects your purpose, mission and personality of your business.
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“I enjoyed working with Mellyssa, she listened and researched new symbols and colors to add to my brand. She took the time to learn what would be effective for autistic children and adults. I enjoyed completing this project with her. I give five stars ⭐️. She’s not only a black owned company but she actually takes time to learn what would work best for your cause.” -Jeanet Harris

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