Anxiety is like a bound rope | Depression is like a black hole

You wake up with the rope around your legs. Getting up feels like getting out of a tight alley space but you do it anyway. All of a sudden, the rope is strangling your legs. You beg. You plead. The rope gets tighter. Restless. It begins to break the skin. Maybe someone hears explaining you can not get unraveled.

“How hard can it be. It’s just a wrong. Your arms are free”

“I already tried”

Then I just don’t answer or ask again.

You wake up again. Now you feel planted but weak. Now you feel you are in a darkened hole tying you to the bed. You see the ceiling but you just lay there. Restless. Aggravated but unable to move.

“Get your lazy behind up”

You just lay there.

You spend all day wresting the rope and that darkened space. You have scars so you cover them up with your favorite jacket.

You wake up again. This time the rope is tighter. Still restless. That dark space is now dark matter suffocating you. You move through the day like The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919. You count your breathe to explain but it is no point.

You wake up and the rope makes it towards the torso squeezing the appetite out of you.

“You don’t have an appetite?”

“I’m not really hungry”, just don’t have the energy.

You wake up and somehow you look different. That blackened space turns grey and the rope comes undone. You have a smile today and every is calm. You feel okay today to leave that rope under the bed. Some days it will appear and other days you can jump up with no fear.

3 responses to “Anxiety is like a bound rope | Depression is like a black hole”

  1. I feel this on a deeper level. Having both anxiety and depression takes the combination of the dark hole and the rope and merges them. Sometimes it feels like you’re trapped in that, but once you break free.. the strength you feel is liberating!

  2. So well written, and relatable to anyone dancing with the rope of anxiety.

  3. This is so poetic I love it! As someone with anxiety and depression I can relate to this struggle – you did a great job of putting it into words.

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