Harajuku Day Meet Up #29

The inspiration for today’s Harajuku style derived from Gyaru-Ke, which is a modern general Gyaru style. It has many subcultures. I focused on the Goshikku (Gothic), Rokku (Rock/Metal), and Haady (Punk/Cyber). I combine a few light colors and prints with a Punk style.

Another style I’m incorporating is Pastal Goth, especially the cotton candy like shorts I am wearing. The style is relatively new though and it is becoming increasingly popular in Tokyo. It is simply blending elements of goth with pastel colors. This is where creativity comes in with fishnets, studs, cuffs, and even the creepers I am wearing.

The Outfit:

I am beginning to embrace my natural hair more, which gives others the impression I’m trying to dress in Ganguro, but tan is my natural skin color.

The shoes I am wearing are black creepers to give the goth-like style. For the bottoms, I am wearing Gothic-sheer tights with multi-color knee-high socks by ACDC-Rag, and cotton-candy like shorts from Hot Topic. The leather and chain belt is wrapped around my waist for added accessory.

For the top, I am wearing a fishnet crop top with a long t-shirt from ACDC-Rag, and a short sleeved rocker like jacket from ACDC-Rag. For the accessories, I am wearing fishnet hand warmers, 5 Sailor Moon wristbands, tattoo bracelet and ring, and 2 tattoo necklaces.

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