What Does It Mean To Truly and Completely Love Someone

I do not normally write these kinds of articles but it’s my opinion that can be shared with others. When I love, I love wholeheartedly and deeply. Nothing in the world matters but that person. I am loyal no matter what and even if harm is done I forgive for myself. No one is perfect and neither is love itself.

Love is just a saying and just physical contact. It’s listening to their voice stumble when they open up to you or those butterflies in your stomach even though you known them for a while. It’s accepting and loving all the imperfections because it’s the moment they let their shield down; their guarded up walls.

Love is those valuable conversations or sometimes quietness between two people. The frustrating moments that challenge you. When those fears tell you that you aren’t good enough but understand you want to build on that love. It takes time. Your own time and no one else’s.

Love is continuous effort, understanding, and a bit of sacrifice but not to the point you lose yourself. Relationships may not always work but loyalty is key and key to forgiveness, understanding and love

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