Forget This Label-Less Era, I Prefer Old Fashioned Love

It is not okay to waste other people’s time and drop them like they didn’t even existed. Is this what our society has come to? That is something I will not accept. Maybe I am a rare one but I can not just randomly spend a lot of time with someone without getting attached and caring about them. It always seemed like there was something wrong with me. However, I just want so much more. This new version of dating is not acceptable to me and will never be. I love talking with one another. I love date nights and Sunday morning breakfasts. I enjoy those awkward moments of silence where we just enjoy each other presence and have a lot of inside jokes.

In my experience, I never seem to matter enough for someone to be completely honest with me and tell me where I stood. I don’t like the unknowns. I want o go to bed with the same man every night or the nights he spends with me. Now it seems we have millions of people at our disposal. It is like our society can open a door and be able to flip through humans beings and pick out the ones they “like” solely on location, availability, and looks. Even then, it seems it doesn’t matter. I’m not for it. In 2017, we’ve become a society where we don’t make real, deep connections but connected to millions of people over the world. 

Dating…. Dating has become such an ambiguous thing. We don’t even put labels on relationships. Why? I love committing to one man and getting to know who he is and his soul not flip through a multitude of men. Am I the only one who prefers something real rather this sad excuse for love these days.

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