History of a Nerd, Designer, and Cosplayer


Who I am now and who I was before I began to Cosplay are two different people. I have only been cosplaying since 2011 or 2012 and my first Cosplay was what we call now a “closet” Cosplay of Chun Li from Street Fighter at Zenkaikon 2012. People assume I have always been that type of person that enjoys attention and enjoys talking to various different people. That is far from the case. I actually do not like people. However, as a graphic design and cosplayer, I know that is not acceptable.

As a child, I have always been called names and teased for every little thing. I had a lack of confidence and it really hurt waking up every morning thinking I was going to be judged or ridiculed every moment of the day. When I began to Cosplay and get into my craft of graphic design, I began to open up more and began to meet new and interesting people.

When I cosplay characters, I always picked the strongest, more agile, most outgoing (or crazy) characters, because they make me feel strong and powerful and pretty much unstoppable at times. When I go to conventions, I force myself to interact with other people. My first official photoshoot was actually at Anime Expo last year (2015). I was catwoman and Blackcat (one of my favorite Marvel and DC characters). This year, 2016 alone, I have done multiple photoshoots at 2 separate conventions and looking to do more at Anime Expo (third year in a row). Cosplaying actually made me more confident as a person. If I were not at a convention or around like-minded people, you would never see me approach anyone. I stay to myself.

This year, I have been doing more research on Cosplay characters, experimentation, props, materials, and other ideas. Being a black nerd (or geek) who has been into anime and comics since I was 6 years old really shows in how I present myself as a designer and a cosplayer. I am a sophisticated cosplayer and I put my own spin into each Cosplay giving me more confidence and more inspiration.

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