Hello world!

The colors I used for my logo is sky blue and lime green. In research, blue is the most popular color in logo design. By using this information, I incorporated to blue. Though I am not popular, people look up to me and give me a since of authority. I am an influence to a lot of people young and old. The green is the universal color meaning peace and purity.  I am a generous and peaceful person. I like to avoid bad confrontations at all cost. I want to keep balance and find peace.

The image was designed illustrator and placed in the center behind my name.  The significance is that I am an artist first and is the center of my life. My name is who and I am and my identity. I go by the motto of my organization “think smart, not hard”. This means that everything is not as hard as it seems. I am an artist who is very technical but puts it all into common sense.

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