The state of the creative industry from a Black perspective

I will explore how the creative industry has and hasn’t changed since the Black Lives Matter in 2020.

One thing I would like for you to know that this is my personal opinion and other people may have a different opinion or perspective about the creative industry.

There is no denying that we are living in a Black renaissance. With a constant stream of new projects throughout the industry signaling Black people, cultures and history, from the outside looking in.

With a rise in art institutions programming exhibitions of emerging artists, and retrospectives alike, and the film and television industry producing an increasing number of shows and films with Black contemporary and historical narratives – that can be neatly curated into ‘Black Lives Matter’ collections across streaming platforms it is not a question of whether or not Black creativity is being showcased in the mainstream. Rather, it’s if the industry has created a space for these creatives that is both sustainable and progressive

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