A Little Something About the Word “Holistic”

People throw around the word “holistic” so much these days. They actually apply it to everything except — wait for it — depression. Yes, depression’s impact is holistic, affecting all aspects of life, including the body. The symptoms are just as physical as they are emotional.

There are days when I wake up feeling as though I’ve run a marathon in my sleep. My limbs are heavy and each step feels like trudging through thick mud. They keep asking me, “Why are you always so tired when you haven’t even done anything?” It’s not just a lack of energy; it’s a profound, pervasive exhaustion that no amount of sleep seems to cure.

Then there’s the appetite — or lack thereof. Some days, food loses all appeal. On other days, I eat realizing I’m hungry.

I’ve noticed the slowed pace at which I move on particularly rough days, as though my body mirrors the weight of the emotions inside. I’ve always kept my appearance even when my body is in pain.

These physical symptoms, though often overlooked, are very real. They’re not signs of laziness or attention-seeking. They’re inconvenient, sometimes even debilitating, aspects of living with depression.

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