Peach & Lily Peptide Pro Firming moisturizer

Peach and Lily Peptide Pro Firming moisturizer is a nighttime moisturizer.

Size: 1.69oz, Price: $45.00

There are so many aspects of this moisturizer that is so pretty. First, look at the color of the crème itself.

It’s not really a dense cream in the jar and thins out pretty easily.

However, on my face it feels very lightweight and it’s not a gel cream. It’s luscious but not too heavy or suffocating.

It’s not the fastest absorbing cream I’ve tried but it sinks in relatively quick. Nothing to complain about.

This cream restores the skin barrier and visibly plumps up fine lines and wrinkles and has 12 different peptides to support collagen production.

I don’t really have wrinkles but you can see it underneath my eyes if I take off my glasses.

It does make my skin look and feel hydrated and plump after applying it and I couldn’t stop touching my face after first applying it.

This is definitely something you can try especially for those with sensitive skin.

It’s a gorgeous formal overall.

Check it out at Ulta Beauty

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