Work For Money, Design For Love By David Airey

One of my favorite books is Work For Money, Design For Love By David Airey. I still remember finishing the last few pages on a bus ride to pick up my pre-order for Street Fighter V. I am a total nerd sometimes. For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be an artist of some kind. That transitioned to wanting to be a graphic designer. Now I’m a logo/brand designer.

By reading this book, key points were very prominent. “Your clients help you grow”. I agree. Though it is small, but once I receive a “yes” from a client, they are really invested in getting work done and working with me. Another point is having several creative outlets. I have way more than several. However, I love print design. I can code and web design as well, but it is not something I enjoy, at least not the coding part. I put more effort into print design. It does not feel like work the way coding does.

Going into business for myself is something I am still working on. I have this blog, my website, and my portfolio site. I learn new things everyday, even how to promote myself. That is the biggest for me, being that I am an introvert. Airey’s book teaches me what not to do and what to do when starting out and when I am further along. I came up with Ai-Konic Graphics blend artistry and technology to create visual branding that makes your business stand out. As a founder of color, I want to bring a unique perspective to build a distinct identity for your brand. I want to make a statement with my designs. Not as just a graphic design, but a black graphic designer.

I recommend this book to any designer and entrepreneur starting out, and for those who have been in the business for a while.

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