3 Misconceptions About People Who Died By Suicide

I believe we all know someone who have died by suicide or someone who has been affected by it. We hear about celebrities dying by suicide more often than we think like Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, or Chris Cornell. In events like these, it creates an emotional and overwhelming response.

However, when suicide happens they immediately blame the victim. They lash out with anger at those who caused others pain by ending their own pain.

It is understandable to be angry but how mental illness manifests and how destructive these thoughts can be as they go through the brain..

Here are some thoughts people have about someone after someone dies of suicide?

“Don’t they love their family and the impact they have on them?”

“How could they do this? How could they leave their loved ones?”

“Why weren’t they more grateful for what they had?”

Those living with mental illness like depression, I can relate. It’s hard to seek that help when you feel like it’s out of your reach or can’t afford it.

Having the tools and education you need to care for yourself and others every day can help us prevent suicide before it gets to that crisis moment. Suicide affects everyone, and we all have a role to play.

I currently have a Suicide Prevention Fundraiser with TWLOHA. Whether it’s $1 or $100, every donation matters.

Go to the Support page here. 💙

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