When the body says “rest”, why don’t we?

People say to take a least 1 hour or so to rest a day because it helps from pain flare ups, relieve stress or even get back some motivation. However, from experience, taking time to myself is one of the hardest challenges. Like everything else, it takes discipline but I don’t really get that option for 2 reasons. 1. I’m still young and live in a world that requires younger individuals to burn out and hustle constantly while others rest. 2. I’m a on-the-go type of person and don’t really know how to rest.

Other reasons are different for everyone though. Sometimes, many people are concerned they’ll miss out even if it’s for an hour or 2. Another reason is because we’re concerned others will judge us negatively if we need to lay down for a few. Trust me, I know all about that.

Far too often, I get caught in this vicious cycle. I put off laying down to rest because when I do, my pain is amplified or sometimes end up with a headache. Of course, not resting meanings my the fatigue is amplified and symptoms are already intensified.

At the end of the day, self-care focus is something that is needed but at the same time undeserving. Let me know if you may feel this way.

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