VIZ Media Recap from SDCC 2023

Being a fan of VIZ media for many years, you know I had to visit their booth at San Diego Comic Con this year. VIZ Media brings master of horror and four-time Eisner Award winner Junji Ito to SDCC 2023.

Junji Ito is one of the finest and most sought-after horror storytellers of our time and for more than 40 years, Ito’s delightfully grotesque and eccentric body of works are some of the most recognized for seamlessly weaving the unknowable into cosmic horrors that exceed the boundaries of manga. This is something I grew reading as a kid.

Welcome to the Ito-verse

VIZ Media hosted two dedicated Junji Ito panels as well as “Welcome to the Ito-verse”, the manga legend’s largest North American exhibit with over 100 pieces of art on view for fans to see up-close!

PANEL: Horror at the Library: Junji Ito – Thursday, July 20, 2023
Comic-Con Special Guest and legendary horror master Junji Ito (Uzumaki, Black Paradox) treated attendees at the San Diego Public Library with a Q&A that brought nightmares to life.

PANEL: Welcome to the Ito-Verse: Junji Ito – Friday, July 21, 2023
Horror manga master, Junji Ito, took fans into the Ito-verse as he discussed what inspires, drives, and horrifies him, all while drawing up something truly terrifying for his faithful, macabre-loving fans.

EXHIBIT: Welcome to the Ito-Verse: Junji Ito – Thursday, July 20, 2023 – Sunday, July 23, 2023
VIZ Media celebrated the career of world-renowned creator Junji Ito with his largest North American exhibit to date, with over 100 works on display. Fans walked among the cosmic and the macabre and lost themselves in the Ito-verse.

Ito-Verse exhibit

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