Anime Expo’s 2024 dates are revealed (and it’s later than you would expect)

Anime Expo has announced the dates for 2024

Crowd to Anime Expo 2024

Anime Expo is the biggest anime convention in the United States, and it brings anime and manga fans and professionals (and those in between) together from all around the world. This year, I’m there to model for ACDC Rag at the fashion on Sunday, and we’re excited to learn that next year’s dates have now been announced.

Get ready for a super jam packed expo because Anime Expo 2024 will take place Thursday, July 4, 2024 through Sunday, July 7, 2024 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where it has been located since 2008.

For those of us who have been going to AX for years, you’ll notice it’s a bit of a change. For the past two years, Anime Expo takes place July 1 – 4 (even if that’s a Monday and a Tuesday). But for 2024, AX will be July 4 – 7 – sitting in a more traditional four-day convention footprint of Thursday-Sunday (which is a lot better). AX has done this on several occasions before though, including 2019’s Anime Expo.

We can’t wait to see you there next year.

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