Meaning of “Racism Is Wrong”

My thoughts about how uneducated many people are about racism is appalling. I almost gave up on drawing years ago due to the pain and twitching I get in my dominant right hand.

I believe that was 2015. A few years later, an idea sparked while more issues regarding racism, discrimination, and even police brutality. Kids were being murdered.

So I started with people that looked like me. There’s black art out there but not as much as other kinds of art.

Racism is Wrong is the byproduct of that. We know by the textbook it is wrong. That’s obviously.

Racism Is Wrong Art work by Mellyssa Angel Diggs

But do you really know beyond the words? Do you know psychologically that it is wrong? You can say it all day but if you can’t show it by action than you’re just as ignorant as the rest.

Now I was asked about racism and prejudice. Specifically, if people of color could be just as racist or prejudice. I’ll explain.

The terms “racism” and “prejudice” have specific meanings that can vary depending on the context and perspective. Traditionally, racism has been understood as a systemic and institutionalized form of discrimination based on race, where individuals from a privileged racial group exert power and control over others. Prejudice, on the other hand, refers to preconceived opinions or attitudes held towards individuals or groups based on factors such as race, ethnicity, or nationality.

While anyone, regardless of their race, can hold prejudiced views or engage in discriminatory behavior towards others, the power dynamics associated with racism differ. Racism is often linked to societal power structures and historical context. In this context, some argue that marginalized groups, such as Black people, may exhibit prejudice but not hold the same systemic power to be considered racist.

It’s important to note that discussions on this topic can be nuanced and complex, and different viewpoints exist. Understanding the historical context, power dynamics, and the impact of actions is crucial to have meaningful conversations about racism and prejudice.

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