Why I always say I’m tired? Depression can make us tired.

Many people who have depression know that their worrying and self-critical thoughts are irrational and makes them fatigue, but they still can’t stop them.

What is depression anyway?

  1. Fatigue is a common symptom of depression.
  2. The complete, utter and debilitating exhaustion that’s associated with depression and is very, very different from “normal tiredness”.

Some of the other reasons why depression can make you feel so tired are because trying to go about your day while being burdened by negative thoughts, misery, overwhelm, feelings of worthlessness, feelings of hopelessness, shame, and all the other symptoms of depression can be absolutely exhausting.

During a depressive episode, it is common to lose sight of any sense of hope for the future, leading to feelings of low motivation and a lack of energy.

Depression creates challenges when it comes to engaging in energy-boosting activities, such as going for a run or participating in other activities that you know would uplift your mood.

Depression can significantly disrupt your sleep, because it’s really hard to fall asleep when you’re being bombarded with intrusive, worrying- and negative thoughts. Additionally, any triggering incidents or experiences that are fuelling your depression may also contribute to you having nightmares as well.

Exhaustion is a common side-effect of anti-depressant medication.

As noted about “depression tiredness”, it is not something that sleep will fix and is a very, very common symptom of depression. That’s why we say we’re tired all the time.

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