Slite IS for the creators

Slite – Creator Light

Slite is an award-winning light made for content creators. I got the chance to back this product 2 years ago on Kickstarter. Now fast forward to today, Slite has launched to the public and also launched a new campaign “Create Brighter Content”. Take a look below.

Slite – Create Brighter Content

When Slite started, they didn’t want to be another failed start up. We have to realize now that creators won’t be going anywhere. The digital world is getting bigger and full of influencers, designers, gamers, streamers, and more.

Looking to get one for yourself. Go to my affiliate like to get a discount. and use my code MELLYSSA for 10% off.

Have fun. Play with the colors and the app (especially the color picker) or some night shots (feature project for me).

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