The Hard Truth About Creating (and you are probably not going to like it)

Hand Sketch by Mellyssa (Me)

What no one sees behind the screen is how hard I work to get myself out there as a designer and artist. It’s harder than most would see or think.

I was gifted to create and use that to help people. However, we’re brought down as people of color to a standard they feel is safe. They don’t want us to succeed and their are things we are great at; gifted at. Black people are creators beyond making a clothing line or a hair care product or food. The things that are put in front of us are not meant for us. Clothing, skincare, everything. It’s meant for everyone else no matter how many times they use the word “inclusive”. Look beyond the scope of the package or the bottle, and see how it’s made. Why it was really made? What materials and ingredients are made.

They fear our skin to the point that they want the benefits of it. Those benefits comes with gifts and decades of history and trauma. The black American is its own culture because we got no where else. We create our own. Money and power is everyone else’s God and we need to shift that narrative. Out culture as black Americans is CREATING.

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