New Product Alert: Popped N.Y.C

Popped N.Y.C CBD brand
Popped N.Y.C
Popped N.Y.C Unboxing

I’ve struggled for many years with back pain, muscle spasms and generalized muscle pain I found a new product that helps. Two things potentiates the action for me; using it at least daily and the additional essential oils. It’s an outstanding product.

The Popped.NYC product range consists entirely of own brand products, and is a really interesting mix of products that we don’t see too often. For example, there are bath bombs, body butter, rollerballs and patches.

The CBD body butter is an outstanding product. It is thick enough to spread easily, the additional herbs potentiate the action of the CBD. It is one of the few things that help my back muscle spasms along with every other muscle ache I have. It also works great on mosquito bites. I love the way it melts on my skin. So easy to massage in. A little goes a long way and it smells good too.

This is another product I would recommend and you can check them out HERE.

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