Launching: A New PSA Campaign- Talk Away The Dark

PSA: Talk Away The Dark​ cinematic short
PSA: Talk Away The Dark

Suicide is a touchy topic that hides in the shadows and often it goes unaddressed, even when we may sense someone is struggling.

We tend to worry that saying the wrong thing will make it worse. So, we end up not saying anything. Even when a few kind words can be the first step in connecting someone to help or supporting someone who has experienced a suicide loss.

It’s time we shed some light on one of the leading cause of death. It’s time we talk away the dark.

This May, for Mental Health Awareness Month, American Foundation for Suicide Awareness (AFSP) is launching Talk Away the Dark, a national public service announcement (PSA) campaign featuring a beautifully cinematic short film that highlights some of the common warning signs for suicide and encourages viewers to start an open and honest conversation with someone they care about, and connect those at risk to help.

The film, which debuts May 15, will lead viewers to our Talk Away the Dark webpage, where they will find information on common risk factors and warning signs, and newly designed #RealConvo Guides sharing practical guidance on how to have a caring conversation about mental health and suicide.

The webpage, which will be updated throughout the month, will also include blogs and conversation starters allowing people to amplify the campaign and spark conversations of their own. The PSA will be captioned in Spanish, and translated #RealConvo Guides will also be available on the website.

What leads someone to consider suicide is complex, and although words alone can’t heal everything – we can’t begin to address suicide if we don’t take the first step and start the conversation.

Together, we can bring suicide out of the darkness and into the light.

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